Besides my full-time work as a customer support manager and the support management consulting I do with Lindsay Can Help, I also contribute to the support community in other ways. Here are a few examples:

Founder of Aspire: Career Mentoring by Support Driven

In 2017, I founded Aspire, the career mentoring program for support professionals in the Support Driven community. I no longer manage the program, but it is still active and very popular today. You can read more about it here (definitely scroll down to check out the testimonials!).

Speaker, Elevate Philly, 2017

I did a very popular talk entitled “Three Things I F*cked Up As a New Support Manager.”

Contributor, Help Scout blog, 2017

I wrote a post for Help Scout’s blog titled “5 Habits to Rethink When You Become a Support Manager.” You can read it here.

Speaker, Elevate Philly, 2018

I did a talk entitled “How to Un-F*ck Getting Feedback from Your Team.”


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